Countrysidenet was formed after numerous years of training, helping, and educating others with basic home desktop computers users. As equipment and software changed the demand for help or consulting grew along with it. In 1994 we started training in network mfg and office enviroments. We became invloved with MS networking and started developing implementation of mfg. information systems 1997-98. Since then we have grown with the changing equipment and software advancements.
Recent projets: 2008-2012 A leading mfg. company needed to access information faster and streamline the information flow through their company. Over all required 5 yrs from start to finish due to employees were tasked with finding the right solution as well as keep up with their work.
Project scope-Total redesign of all information systems in mfg. company. Developed a company member team to select best new information system software to address needs from Presidenet & CFO to the shop worker on mfg. floor. The developement team consisted of Plant Mgr. and formen, Acounting AP AR, Sales, Accounting and Operations mgrs. 
 Final implementation consisted of a complete greenfield project start up with all new computer equipment, servers, database re-design and extensive training of company employees. Total expenditure from start to finish in excess of 1 million dollars. When project was done company had a fully redundent server and desk top information system including the use of Virtual computers and servers using latest Microsoft server and desktop software.  New information system tracked every aspect of each order down to where parts were located on the mfg. floor and status of packing in shipping dept.
 Today-In addition to working with corporations we still continue to serve our orignal customers that we started with long ago. As the equipment and software changes we still be here to help with support or help you make the right choice for that new laptop or other equipment choice.
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