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Welcome to CountrySideNet. We are a Internet and computer services company that specialises in personal service. Location is not a problem for us,we bring services to you, from basic internet service to a complete computer network system. We can advise and install equipment for your computer needs from the home user to enterprise level. We handle computer sales, HighSpeed Internet services over satellite, Television over satellite, wireless networking, and remote administration. Our partners have addition services available in Multimedia Television and video products and Wireless Internet Service Providers for small communities, resorts, and large businesses.
Internet services: Available from Direcway for home user and small businees needs. We also supply iDirect, LinkStar and other VSAT products that provide Broadband and VoIP capbilities for higher Broadband needs. Service speeds range from 128/1024 kbps to 1024/2500 kbps from Direcway to higher bandwidth levels measured in 1mb to 10mb+ levels from iDirect and Linkstar.

Networking: We can provide wireless networks to allow you to enjoy the freedom to move around your home with your laptop or at your business while connected to the internet. In addition to local networks we can install wide area networks(WAN) to allow your internet to be shared out to locations from several hundred feet to several miles.

Computers: We can provide you with Dell laptops and desktops. Both used and new systems are available. Additional brands available by request.

Networking equipment: We provide all equipment to setup a small home system to large business systems complete with servers and data backup systems.

UPS: Custom built as well as traditional battery backup systems to protect your data and provide power for computer systems to run during extended power failures.

A/V: Our partners can provide multimedia systems for home entertainment to large business boardroom and presentation informational systems.

ISP: Our partners can provide large area internet service provider services for hotels, resorts, business networks, and community internet services.

Remote Administration: We can provide you with the help direct from our office to your home or business. From basic computer help to training and basic maintence. We keep your computers running at peak performence and keep them updated with the latest security and virus updates.

VoIP: Telephone over internet is a growing industry that can save you money over traditional landline connections. We can provide you with those products that work the best over satellite internet.

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