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iDirect offers the very best internet services for dedicated communications for your business or home. iDirect provides telephone over internet(VoIP), Video conferencing, WAN connections for expansion of your business to remote locations, as well as BroadBand connections for all computers in your office or home.
The technology was designed from the ground up to provide the best networking efficiency compared to other satellite technology. It will provide more usable bandwidth per kbps on any other upload/download service plan. iDirect also offers service plans with speeds that far exceed other products.In addition, the service provides better quality of service(QoS) which is very important for telephone over internet applications(VoIP). Please click the following underlined links for additional information.
iDirect Overview VoIP Telephone PuertoRico School System Video Collaboration Emergency Management Mobile Productivity Video Monitoring Business Continuity Netmodem Solution Remote Offices Series 3000 Router Series 5000 Router Series 7000 Router

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